What Joan thought of Staying Steady

Joans Story about Staying Steady....

When I was referred to the exercise from the QE hospital I was very unsure of what the course would entail but thought I would give it a go as had nothing to loose. 

First session I turned up and was so frightened, didnt know anybody and had no confidence at all. 

Richie made us all very welcome and settle my nervous a little bit with his approach to the seesion but I was still terrified of exercise. 

We started of the exercise and there was always a seated option or you could hold on to the chair. I held the chair ‘tightly’ at first. After about 4 weeks I had gained some confindence and for some things let go of the chair completly. 

Every week Richie give us something to challenge us and although at the time I didnt like this I new it was doing me the world of good.

As the sessions went on and I had better idea of what we were doing I was less nervous and started to enjoy the sessions. I was gaining confidence all the time which was helping me do more around the house and get out more. 

I couldnt believe the confidence I had by the end of the programme, I could do the whole session without holding on, my balance was better, I felt fitter but most importantly I wasnt scared anymore. 

Im going to carry on exercise at Gateshead Older Peoples Assembly and I have made some lovely new friends who I will keep in touch with and see at sessions. 

We still have places on our current courses in Deckham, Blaydon, Whickham and Low Fell. 

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Richie Paxton