Exercise and COPD

Exercise & COPD 

We all know we should exercise. But it is so easy to find excuses not too.

If you have COPD you may think that you can't exercise as it will make you feel too short of breath. You might also be thinking that it will make your COPD worse. 

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Actually avoiding exercise will make you more unfit. 
The less you do, the less you are able to do and eventually you become too weak to do much at all.

This is called ‘de-conditioning’. 

Exercise done correctly is one of the best things you can do to be less short of breath. 

To get the most benefit, you should exercise on a regular basis. 

You should start your new exercises off slow and easy. 

What to expect at a LIFE Programme class...

🔹Warm up:- This will prepare you for the exercise. 

🔸Cardiovascular exercise: This increases your blood circulation. It also improves your lung and heart function.

🔹Muscle strengthening: This is done using resistance bands. This will make your muscles stronger. 
Stronger muscles will help you be more active and help you carry out activities of daily living better. These activities may include dressing, showering and housework. 

🔸Balance exercises:- Exercises that improve balance can help prevent falls. 

Shortness of breath is one of the main reasons why people with COPD think they can’t exercise. 

We all experience shortness of breath when we exercise, but people who don’t have COPD are able to adjust their breathing naturally. 

When you are short of breath, it feels like you cant get enough oxygen in your lungs. 

This may make you feel like you need to breathe faster. Although when you breathe faster, you wont be able to empty your lungs before the next breath in. 

This then causes the feeling of shortness of breath, which leads to you feel light headed and anxious and sometimes we then have a panic attack. 

To help with this people with COPD should breath ‘out’ for a longer periods of time. 

This will empty your lungs and prepare you for the next breath in. 
It will also help deliver more oxygen to your muscles.

Their are breathing techniques you can try to help you with this. 

Pursed Lip Breathing:-

🔹Relax your neck and shoulder muscles.  

🔸Breath in for two seconds through your nose, keeping your mouth closed.  

🔹Breath out for four seconds through pursed lips. (Like your trying to whistle)

Practice this technique daily.

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You should also have inhalers which can help with your breathing. Different inhalers work in different ways. 

You should take your blue inhaler 10 minutes before you start exercising or at anytime you feel breathless. 

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Remember the key to success is finding something that is fun and enjoyable for you.! 

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