Dorothy was told she needs a knee replacement but exercise is keeping her going for now

Low Impact Exercise Class    

I read  on Facebook about a new class starting at my local community centre which was for Over 50's. It sounded just right for me as I was 65 at the time and not doing any exercise at all. I started going to the classes in February 2017 and I love it.

The classes are excellent.  Emma - our friendly  instructor is very good.  She is encouraging and supportive at all times.  Everyone goes at their own pace and can sit out an exercise if they want.  Most of the people who attend my class are older than me and the exercises are suitable for all age groups.

The main reason I joined the classes was that I have arthritis in both knees.  I have been told that I need knee replacements.  However I am trying to wait as long as possible before going down that route. The exercises I do really seem to help with strengthening my knees and I find I don't get as much pain as I did before starting the classes. I also feel as though my general mobility has improved.

Another great thing is that the exercises can be done at home too.  I often find myself doing one of the moves whilst listening to a song on the radio.  Or doing one of the exercises while the adverts are on when I'm watching TV.  

I would recommend this class to anyone over 50 who feels they might benefit from some easy, fun exercise with a group of friendly people in the same age group.  ( Its mostly ladies but there are a couple of men too.)  You don't need to wear fancy gym  kit - just something comfortable.  

The session lasts 45 mins, its not strenuous, you go at your own pace and at the end you might feel a bit tired - but energised at the same time.  

Give it a try - you will enjoy it I'm sure.

Dorothy Eyes

Richie Paxton